Rock Boy


Sonny Cheebs sent me a gang of beats and I had this beat for a long while before I wrote to it. In fact, I think that Killa Freestyle, Rock Boy, Go For Broke and A Lil Drama was all sent in the same batch. But the Rock Boy beat I was sitting on for a while and then out of know where the hook came to me. “I'm dope boy, I got that dope boy, I got that light boy, I got that smoke boy.” And I just built on that. After I wrote and recorded it. I showed it to Cy-Clone and he asked to change the name to Rock Boy instead of Dope boy (which it was originally called, I think another artist at the time had a song with the same name.)

Me and Sonny Cheebs had a falling out while mixing the song and Steele did a remix of it. I will post that too. Me and Sonny since patched that up.

The concept of the song is that I am using drug references and metaphors to get the point across about the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.




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