So Much @ Stake EP

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This was when I began to morph in my relationship with God. To keep it real, with the Pearl Effect I was concerned about how I would be received by the Christian community. At this time I started to care less, not a lot less but less, never the less. I was like “Man I go to harden this up a bit” The Kingdom mixtape was definitely a learning and turning point in my CHH career.



This is my first EP I decided that I needed to stick to foundational hip-hop. Going into CHH from Secular hip hop I was worried about the type of content that I would do in this new arena, but introspectively I decided to let go of inhibitions about what people would think of myself and my art.

So I wanted to make something short but flavorful and replayable.

So Much @ Stake is the beginning of me letting go of caring about what somebody might think.

Download and enjoy.


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