The Pearl Effect – Song


OK title song, the title track, why did I name the track and the album “The Pearl Effect” Well, I got the title track from playing Grad Turismo 2 where I bought an Audi TT and it was denim blue pearl effect. I was like this car is CRAZY!! But when I thought about pearls and the biblical symbolism with them, I was like yooooooooooo!!! this is a great concept I need to write about this. Anyways the concept is that Christ is irritating to us at first but if we adjust, we and he becomes something beautiful inside of us. An organic jewel. wowwwww. That's a jewel right there. Also the cover is simple because the pearl is a very underrated jewel and this also is an underrated body of work. Man, the similes go on huh?

SIDE NOTE. The second verse is done in a flow that I usually don't do constant flows in songs so this was a personal mark for me.




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